Day 1!

Today was a very good day! After getting a much needed 8 hours rest, I had a authentic Italian breakfast from the hotel. I had a pastry filled with nutella, a crisp apple, and a cappuccino and all were very delicious! The cappuccino was very strong of coffee flavor but I still enjoyed it! I also had to walk around in order to find somewhere to exchange my American money for euros and found out that most banks in Milan only will serve customers so I had to go else where to exchange my money. After breakfast we went to a class to learn a crash course of Italian! I learned a lot of new words and how to pronounce certain vowels and letters. Maggie and I ate lunch at a pizzaria not far from our hotel and we split a calzone. IT WAS TO DIE FOR. The top was a Margaretta pizza but it was stuffed with ricotta cheese, ham and pork. The ricotta cheese was super creamy and definitely not as chunky as American ricotta. 10/10 in my book.

After lunch we went on a walking tour of Milan. We saw a bunch of shopping centers and small restaurants and cafe’s along the streets. We went to a store that sold name brand designers like Gucci, Prada, Versace. Obviously, I did not purchase anything but it was cool to see and dream about the clothes, shoes, and accessories.

We ended the store at Duomo di Milano which is a big cathedral in Milan. It was very beautiful. The architecture was fascinating and the cathedral took 600 years to complete. A very successful full day in my book!IMG_6873

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