Day Two

We started our day with a three hour class on the basics of Italian. We learned the essentials that we could use during our two weeks here in Italy. We learned phrases like “buonasera” meaning “good afternoon” and “Che ora è?” meaning “What time is it?”

After that we were free for lunch so a few friends and I went to a small restaurant called Churchill. It was a sandwich shop with really good food. It was quite delicious.

After lunch we went on a walking tour of Milan. It started at our hotel, the Sempione, and ended at the Duomo di Milano. We saw Milan through the eyes of a true native who understood the city very well.

After the tour a few of us explored some of the stores and went to dinner at Il Bar. The food there was very delicious, I had the Margherita Pizza and a Coca Cola. It was very strange having to eat pizza with a fork and knife. It was still a very good meal.

It was a great day!IMG_0876.jpgIMG_0877.jpg

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