Day 2: A New Perspective

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Today in Ireland today we learned so much about the History of the Irish people. As a class we took a walking tour around the city with out tour guide Sylvie. She talked about Irish culture and its parallels to English culture, and things that make the Irish people embarrassed about their culture. It was interesting hearing from someone so familiar with the Irish culture about what makes the people uncomfortable.

Sylvie made a lot of points that made me think of the culture of The United States and things that make me personally feel uncomfortable with it. A horrible moment in US. history that makes me feel uncomfortable discussing is the Trail of Tears. The Indian Removal Act was imposed by president Jackson and forced Native Americans to immigrate west of the Mississippi. Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans were forced out of their lands and marched against their will to their death.

This is uncomfortable for me because so many Americans including myself take pride in their country. Thinking about our entry to this country and forcing so many people out that were here before is something that is not often considered when thinking about the birth of The United States. Its dishonest to not consider the full story of America and recognize that there have always been serious issues that need to be discussed. Today in America so many people take pride in their land, and this is no different for Native Americans. America was built on immigration and being dishonest about the founding principles of this country does no justice to our history and to learn from our mistakes.

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