Exploring Milan

We landed in Milan yesterday, but today was our first full day and it was packed full with new experiences. We began with a crash course in Italian, learning a variety of words, phrases, and pronunciations that will be useful to us during our trip. We learned hello and goodbye (both of which are ciao), how to order food, and common phrases such as thank you (grazie) and excuse me (scusa). We even learned a couple curse words!

Then, we had time to go to lunch and a few friends and I chose to go to Eataly. The restaurant/market had three floors with amazing food and dessert selections plus a whole floor of wine! I ate a margherita pizza and it was delicious! However, not many of the employees spoke English, and I’m pretty sure we sat down to eat in an area that we weren’t supposed to, but they were very nice about it and didn’t kick us out.

After lunch, we had a walking tour of Milan, showing us some great sites! We first looked at the skyscrapers of the Milano Garibaldi; they weren’t as tall as skyscrapers in America, but that’s because many Italians prefer being on lower floors. We then walked to the Corso Como which had some beautiful plants decorating the outside. The shops inside were extremely expensive, but really fun to look at! We also saw the La Scala, a statue of DeVinci, and a statue of Napoleon. We visited the Galleria, the first mall, which featured many designer shops like Gucci, Versace, and Prada and had a breath-taking ceiling. The tour ended at the Duomo, a cathedral which may even be prettier than ours! I can’t wait to keep exploring the city of Milan!

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