Day 2: Fashion Heaven

Despite already being here for a day, today felt like the real start to our trip. After finally getting some rest and overcoming the jet lag, we got a day full of language and culture. The day starting off with an amazing breakfast. The breakfast had an assortment of croissants, but be careful because although they may seem plain they are all field with a surprise jam or spread. Picking a “plain” one, I got a shocking but full of apricot jam which wasn’t too pleasing, so I quickly went back and grabbed the Nutella one. Not only was the food great but I got my first real Italian cappuccino! It definitely filled me up and got me excited for the rest of the food I would eat for the rest of the trip.

After breakfast, we got a helpful crash course in Italian and learned about the culture or basically how not to stand out. Then, me and a few other girls ventured on our own for lunch and came across a little market with vendors called “Eatily”. After sitting in the wrong area about three times, the workers definitely felt bad for us and let us sit in an area we weren’t suppose to. Besides totally standing out and not understanding much, I got a great pizza and delicious gelato!

After lunch, we got our first walking tour of Milan. We saw designer stores beyond belief like Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton, you name it! It totally made me want to be a billionaire and buy everything. Most important of all, I saw a lady wearing my dream shoes: Balanciaga sock sneakers. I know they sound weird but trust me they are rare, expensive, and amazing. After touring the shops in Curso Como and the Galleria, we saw the Duomo or “House of God”. This place was as glorious as it sounds. Picture the Cathedral of Learning and multiply it by 100.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!




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