Feels like Italy

Today, it truly felt like we were in Italy. Seeing the cobblestone narrow streets and the town center in Milan it finally felt like we were fully immersed into the Italian environment. We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, which consisted of a croissant and an authentic cappuccino, before we started our Italian lesson. In the hotel, we then learned some Italian words, phrases, and correct pronunciations that would help us throughout the trip.


After the Italian crash course, we had an independent lunch. We went to Michele Pizzeria, which was a pizza place around the corner of our hotel, were I enjoyed a calzone with the creamiest ricotta cheese possible. After lunch, a few of us enjoyed our first encounter with the Metro to go to the Duomo to find a bank. The Metro was surprisingly easy to manage and very clean. Eventually we returned to the hotel, where the group embarked on a walking tour, equipped with radios and headphones, which make us really look like tourists.

In the walking tour, we saw both the newer and older parts of Milan. We went to the Corso Como, which was a high-end shopping center and we passed many boutiques and restaurants that we will have to eventually try. Finally, we ended at the Duomo. Pictures really do not do this place justice, and the shear size of the Duomo is jaw dropping. Now, we have a few hours to ourselves, before we find a place to eat dinner, and I am looking forward to exploring Milan further tomorrow!

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