First Full Day

My first full day in Italy went pretty well.  Culture shock has been a lot to handle, but I am trying to view it as a learning experience like our amazing guide Luca said to do.  I’ve started to tell people I am Canadian, because it seems like they like that response a lot better than saying I’m American.  First I had a lovely breakfast of yogurt and bread with honey on it, and the expresso was the best coffee I have ever had.   After that I learned how to say a lot of really useful Italian words and phrases from a English teacher in Milan who is from Pittsburgh.  Then we went out to a lovely lunch where I got a panini of ham, mozzarella and tomatoes.

The next part of the day was full of sights and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Mirella our tour guide answered all my questions and really gave us some of the greatest knowledge about the City of Milan, and Italian culture I could ask for.  Unfortunately I think I annoyed some of the people on this trip for the amount of questions I asked, but I thought I was respectful and my questions were relevant to my education.  After seeing the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen in my life I went to some stores including the Versace store that had me shell shocked. It was the nicest fashion store I have ever been to.   Then we walked to a restaurant where I had Pizza with buffalo mozzarella, but my pizza yesterday was better because it had a lot of mozzarella, which is my favorite part of a pizza.  The picture I posted on today’s blog is of a Gucci advertisement, and Gucci is my favorite brand.  The tour guide also told a really inspiring story about the revival of Gucci’s brand, and made me happy when she said Gucci is her favorite as

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