Why is the water fountain so low?

Our second day in Italy involved learning some basic language skills, a walking tour of Milan, visiting the Duomo, and some authentic Italian food.  At the language lesson, a Pittsburgh native who now lives in Milan taught us everything we need to know in order to survive our trip to Italy.  It’s hard to remember everything, but I definitely know a lot more than I did before.  I feel stupid for mispronouncing “Gratzi” for the the past day!

Next, we learned plenty of information about Milanese history and culture from the local guide during the walking tour.  In the main city center, there are plenty of buildings with many stories, large terraces, and plants growing from the terraces.  The plants and greenery are to help the air quality in the city.  The city is very aesthetically pleasing, with a perfect mix of modern architecture and ancient buildings.  The tour ended at the Duomo, which is the massive cathedral in the central square of the city.

Food wise, we ate focaccia sandwiches for lunch, and had some fancy wine for dinner.  Italian food is really good; I’m a big fan.

An item of Italian culture that I learned about is the featured image, which is a bidet.  These are used in some Italian bathrooms.


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