Lá dhá: Day two – Lads on Tour

Our 2nd day in Dublin included a historical walking tour where we learned about the history that shaped Dublin- also known as the black pool in Gaelic – into the city they are today. Some of my favorite parts of the tour were seeing “Dublin’s Castle” and “The Dubhlinn Garden.” Our tour also included an in-depth history of the Easter Rising as we toured some of the buildings that were first affected by this rebellion. My favorite was the city council where rebels camped out for several days and but were shot down by the British. You could actually see gunshots left on the building!

During the tour, our tour guide made it apparent that the Irish don’t always talk about their history. They are sometimes uncomfortable or ashamed about the harsh times the Irish had to face, especially in the 20th century. This made me think about particular situations I am uncomfortable and ashamed talking about in my own country. Although very recent, I am uncomfortable talking about the current U.S. president. Having a president who has had multiple publicity scandals and no previous political experience has made me uncomfortable and embarrassed. While being in Ireland, I have had different locals ask me about my opinions of him. It made me feel that America is being laughed at and looked down upon as a country by an election majority feel is a mistake or are strongly against. Not only is it sad who the president is, but it is, even more, devastating the effects it has had on America. Trump serving presidency has shown how truly divided we are as a country when it comes to controversial topics such as racism, sexism, and gun control.  Comparing this troublesome topic to the sensitivity of Irish history, I was really able to understand why some topics are not easily discussed.


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