Fun Filled Day

Today we had an Italian crash course on the language, took a walking tour of Milan, and had some fantastic food. Today was long, especially since the jet lag was still wearing off, but was definitely fun. I attempted to order food in Italian twice, which ended up with me speaking English about half way though. I also learned that while Spanish is close to Italian in structure, in no way is Spanish-Italian or “spitallian” a real language. In the walking tour, today was the first day that we ventured outside the hotel neighborhood. Here we saw the old Milan buildings and artwork. This is also where we saw how Italians drive. At one point there was a car and a cyclist going the opposite direction on a one way. A motorist biking directly beside an ambulance that had its sirens on. I thought this was odd because in the U.S. when a siren goes off everyone stops, waits about 10 seconds after an emergency vehicle passes and then begins to drive.

8 others and I had dinner near the center of the city. I had chicken and fries, as per the waiter’s recommendation. I didn’t know if he was being serious when he said that it was real Milano food because it seemed very American. It was delicious nonetheless. I had my first gelato today, that was fantastic. I obviously got the biggest size with three flavors because I love ice cream. The flavors were mint chocolate chip and then two others which I could not pronounce, nor describe.

Tomorrow we begin the real curriculum. Today was just a day to get acclimated to Italy. I learned how Italians interact with each other, and how to walk around the city efficiently. It was a good day to get acclimated.

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