Best Pizza

Today we had some of the best pizza I have ever had. For dinner we went to what our tour guide told us was his favorite place for pizza in the city and it was great. The place was by the canal and we got to enjoy our delicious pizzas while sitting by the canal. I would definitely recommend visiting this place for pizzas if you’re ever in Milan.

Earlier in the day we visited an Italian school where we learned about the fashion industry and got to have lunch and tour the school with Italian students.

After the tour of the school we went to a museum where some of Di Vinci’s engineering work is displayed which made me realize how ahead of his time Di Vinci was. I never knew how many of his ideas were so innovative and similar to things that were used a lot throughout more recent history.

On the way back from the museum the metro we were riding on broke down so we had to get off and wait for the next metro to pick us up.


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