Day 3: Mo’ Ireland, No Problems.

Day 3 has not only provided more exhaustion, but more learning. We started the day with the event that I think will be engrained in my mind for some time to come. There are so many reasons why this is the case.

Before I delve into it, I just want to mention that all of the experiences today – including Darren and Google in the Docklands – will have some lasting effect on me. I am incredibly grateful to have these opportunities.

Why I think that Pearse Lyons Distillery was the highlight of the day is because, mainly, of the deep rooted history of the establishment. To see passion without the goal of commercial gain is something that I incredibly respect, and I can never imagine seeing something like this in the United States. To continue, I think the contrast in modern architecture mixed with the traditional Irish architecture is incredible; the preservation of history with the practicality of the new age architecture is a great blend. A statistical fact that’ll definitely stick with me is the fact that 100,000 people are buried in the graveyard behind the distillery. That is an unfathomable amount of people. I also thought our guide (his name is slipping my mind) did a great job of being personable while providing great information. To see the detail in which he was able to explain every facet of the business was incredible. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the distillery is physically within a church. To be honest, I thought that this would’ve been considered offensive instead of celebrated.

As someone who takes interests in entrepreneurship, it was encouraging to hear Dr. Lyons story of triumph. Small business is the backbone of society. You Rock, Dr. Lyons!



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