Britt vs. Doca

The Ticos do not drink Cafe Britt because they do not receive the best coffee beans. They receive the third grade coffee beans filled with sugar. My host family in particular does not have any coffee in the house because they think it tastes bitter. However, when we got back and told them that we visited the Britt Cafe plantation they only said positives things about the company. Based on the presentation by Roberto Gonzalez, the community is happy with the outreach and community service work Britt has done. Although the Ticos do not bring in a big portion of Britt’s revenue, it is still important that Britt keeps up the good public relations with the people.

Doka sells their product as a raw product, they are the supplier’s supplier. Britt is a sort of hybrid in the supply chain. They sell their product as a finished good directly to the customers, but they also sell their product as a raw material. Doka makes all their profit off of selling their raw materials to retail businesses such as Green Mountain, Starbucks and Costco. Britt splits the profit they generate with selling their raw materials to retail businesses and selling their finished goods to customers. Britt is self sustainable, they are their own supply chain, they grow the beans, package the beans, transport the beans, and sell the beans as a finished product.

Britt’s management is outstanding. Their tactical strategy seems very efficient. Although Señor Gonzalez was mostly talking about marketing, I could pick up the main job for the managers in each location ensure a welcoming and persuasive environment for each buyer that enters a Britt store. The managers do extensive research about the country’s culture. They are in charge of making sure the store is visually attractive to a native’s eye. I really love the way they attack their plans to strengthen and expand their business.  Their hierarchy seems to have a very good understanding of what direction they are leading the company.


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