BOOM Roasted!

Today was very eventful as we toured two different coffee plantations: Doka Estate and Café Britt. Doka was located high on a volcano and came with an incredible view. Café Britt had beautiful vegetation and pretty butterfly garden. Both make incredible coffee and come with many similarities and differences. A significant difference is that Doka Estate is mainly a coffee grower while Café Britt is mainly a coffee roaster and distributor.

Although Café Britt is a very popular with tourists, Ticos may have a more skeptical view of the company. In the past, Café Britt would only keep 9% of its produced coffee in Costa Rica and they kept the lower quality beans they couldn’t sell anywhere else. They would typically have to mix this lower quality coffee with sugar to make it taste better. This could explain why many Ticos do not drink Café Britt’s coffee.

In terms of the supply chain, Doka Estate is a supplier who grows and prepares the coffee beans for roasting. They then sell the coffee beans to companies like Green Mountain who roast and distribute the coffee to customers. Doka also roasts a small amount of coffee themselves that they directly sell to customers. On the other hand, Café Britt is much more involved in every step of the supply chain. They grow their own coffee (supply), roast it themselves (manufacture), and sell it out of their own stores (distributing).

In regards to making (my project topic), Café Britt has been very successful. It’s not just the fact that they are so involved and careful in every step of the making process, but that they are so incredibly innovative with it. They are constantly improving existing products while also researching and developing new ones. In our business presentation today, we learned that Café Britt sends employees to visit different locations for months at a time. While they’re there, they research how they can best fit products to the peoples’ unique culture and needs. Café Britt prides themselves on being an “multilocal” company, meaning they custom tailor each store to the specific country or place they are located in.

This multilocal mentality is precisely the reason Café Britt has been so successful. They are also working to expand their product line. They have opened several gourmet chocolate shops along with convenience stores and – their newest venture – a cafe and bakery that will be placed in airports. The attention and care they give to every single one of their products can be seen in the great quality of them. Café Britt has been extremely successful so far and I believe they should continue working to expand their business.

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