Darren of the Docks


Hiya my fellow colleagues.  Today was a great day!  I learned so much about whisky, economics in Ireland, and how Google operates. I personally enjoyed everything Darren had to say.  The dude is the real deal and knows his stuff.  In 5 years I would definitely look back and think about Darren took us on a tour walking around the Docklands of Dublin along the river and docks.  He spoke about the economics in Ireland and described how the city of Dublin came out from a serious recession.  He described how Dublin had a serious problem with unemployment and combated this through implementing a low corporate tax rate, as well as investing heavily in education.  The way he articulated the story and used us as examples was phenomenal.  I also really liked what he said about having common sense and being literate/good at communicating.  He said a lot of great things that we can all take away.  Cheers me friends!

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