Plus3 and Whiskey

Another jam-packed day for Plus3 Ireland! Our day began with our routine breakfast at 8:30 this morning at our favorite spot-Chorus Cafe. We then took a walk through The Liberties to go to our first site visit at Pearse Lyon Whiskey Distillery. From there, we headed to a spot for lunch and coffee to meet Darren Kelly of CAPA for the best Econ lecture I’ve ever had and tour of Docklands, Dublin’s tech hub, by way of the DART bus. By no mistake, our last stop on the tour placed us at the Google headquarters where we were invited in for an insider’s look and Q&A session from some wonderful Googlers.

Pearse Lyon’s humble story of living out the American dream in Lexington, Kentucky with $10,000, a small family and a ‘lotta Irish grit to build the immensely successful animal nutrition empire, Alltech. In 2012, he builds upon his legacy and sets up a distillery back home in Dublin in hopes to make an impact and to honor his community and ancestors. Our tour guide mentioned how the distillery is not in the business of making money, their profits are almost nonexistent but what keeps that whisky churning out of there is Pearse Lyon’s dedication to his roots and community.

Darren Kelley’s walk and talk lecture brought to life the idea of the relational exchange. The traditional Irish businessman is known for his willingness to adapt, keenness in discussion and debate and the way he values family and relationships. Darren pointed out how those very qualities are key to negotiations and business transactions and I could not agree more. It is far better to negotiate and handle business with a friend than an adversary. The biggest takeaway from that is business dealings do not always have to be extremely professional and robotic, but pleasantries and charm can go a long way for both you and the other party involved. In fact, Darren made sure to note Google’s decision to plant their European, African and Middle Eastern headquarters in Dublin was greatly influenced by a cheeky Irishman who had a way with words.


Our friends at Google emphasized his message with their warm welcome and willingness to answer our questions and their genuine dedication to making sure we got the very most out of the extraordinary opportunity.

I’m excited to channel the Irish charm (and luck!) in my future professional career and to see what more I can learn on my adventure through Ireland!

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