Day 3: Milan

Today we highlighted the educational part of this study abroad opportunity by going to a university and by going to the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the biggest private university in Europe was very welcoming to our group. First, a representative from the university came and spoke to us about what the university was like and their different programs, specifically their international programs. The programs sounded very appealing (if only they had an engineering school). After our introduction to the university, we were given a short lecture by Francesca Romana Rinaldi. She spoke to us on fashion and luxury, strategic business models, and managing sustainability in fashion and luxury. I appreciated the lecture as a whole- but unfortunately couldn’t manage to stay awake during it- especially the last part on sustainability. I really like that this course, combined with my freshman engineering course, allowed me to see that sustainability is a part of everything. As something’s who definitely into fashion (packing all my cuter clothes for this trip was really fun), it was really interesting to look at sustainability from the perspective of the fashion industry.

After our visit to the university, we went to the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, which is the biggest museum in Milan. We were lead through a few parts of the museum- not the whole thing because we could spend a whole week in that museum- by the same tour guide who led our walking tour of Milan. I hadn’t been to a museum in a while; I forgot how much I like them. It was unfortunate that I was just too tired to enjoy it fully, but maybe one day I can go back.

Tonight I had dinner with a small group at Drogheria Milanese, which is near the Moscova area. I really enjoyed the dinner there. The restaurant had a somewhat diner feel and aesthetic, but I felt like the food was very good quality. In addition to shared appetizers, I also ordered a really good ravioli with cheese sauce and some sort of asparagus spread, and an apple pie, which they advertised as an apple cake, but the crust was very cakey. I was just curious to see the Italian take on the classic American dessert, and they did not disappoint. Although for the rest of the trip, I’ll probably stick to canollis and gelato.




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