Googliness: a mashup of passion and drive that’s hard to define, but easy to spot.

Visiting the Google European Head Office was truly an unforgettable experience.  This location is responsible for the operations of all products and services in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  I was incredibly impressed by how much of the building we actually got to see.  From the lobby to the cafeteria to the deck, I was shocked by the overall feel of the office environment and the attitudes brought forward by the employees.  The interior of the office took my breath away with its detail and post-modernism.  The deck provided an astonishing view of the city and the country side.  Most of my prior knowledge about the look of the office came from the movie The Internship so that was my basic expectation walking in to today.  Although there wasn’t a slide running between floors, the office was colorful and filled with comfortable seating.

In the United States, Google has a reputation of being an extremely competitive company that provides its workers with generous benefits and an abundance of resources.  This proved to be completely true in Dublin as well.  As the largest corporate building in Dublin, the Google European Head Office provides its employees with free food, massages, physical therapy, a gym, dentists, doctors and even a bank – all within the same building.

Speaking with the Google employees about their prior experience and their journey to get to their current position was also a highlight of my day.  It was clear through these discussions that the company fosters creativity and care about employee wellness.  One of the employees mentioned that Google does a wellness week where they have speakers come in to discuss how to get a good night’s sleep and how to expand their thoughts.

Being in this sort of environment was inspiring and it excites me for my future career.  Ideally, I’d like to grow with a company similar to Google in the way that it treats its employees well and works hard to encourage creativity and innovation.  The workers who we spoke with were clearly proud to be working with Google and they were excited about all the future opportunities.  Also, I definitely wouldn’t complain if my future company has a view as awesome as this one…



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