Whiskey for Breakfast

Hello hello!! Day three here in Ireland was another beautiful and active day. We got to do three incredibly informative visits at Pearse Lyons, The Docklands tour with Darren, and lastly a visit with Google! I really enjoyed the Docklands tour. It is crazy to me that Dublin has had so much development in just a ten-year span. Darren was so intelligent and also very open on his views on why Ireland is so successful right now. I enjoyed hearing his thoughts on their work ethic here, even if I don’t think they would always work for those in the US. Google was also a once in a lifetime experience. I had frequently read about Gooogle workplaces online, and it was cool to get to see one in person. Overall though, I think the place I will still remember and talk about in five years would have to be Pearse Lyons.

I found Pearse Lyons to be so interesting because even though it is such a new company, it has such a rich history behind it. I think I will be thinking about this company five years from now because of the unique experience we had there. I will never forget how hard they worked to preserve such a beautiful church and an old graveyard. The stories that were told were very personal in nature, and I think this helps them to develop and retain a strong company culture and image. I got so many incredible photos of the church and all the stain glass windows inside. This was a very unique distillery which is why it stood out so much in my mind. I also just really appreciate how much time and money they took when restoring the church. Their efforts show how much they care about the area and the history that they were saving for the future. I really liked our tour guide there too. He was very knowledgeable and wanted each and every one of us to have the best possible experience there.

After our many visits and lots of walking, I was glad to get back to the apartments and take a break! This trip is going amazing and each day brings something new.


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