Sustainability in Cafe Britt

Although Café Britt is clearly a very successful company with stores in many countries, it is fairly uncommon for the Ticos in its home country to drink it. This is probably because Café Britt doesn’t grow the coffee that it roasts. Instead, it purchases the coffee from the growers and then roasts and sells it. This may not seem like a big deal, but for Ticos, who have one of the greatest coffee selections in the world, it makes more sense to buy coffee that is grown, roasted, and sold by the same company. On the other hand, Doka Estate is a coffee plantation that grows the beans and then roasts some of them while selling the rest to other roasters. Therefore, Doka Estate is higher upstream than Café Britt, although they still do share some of the same customers.

Because coffee bags must be made using aluminum in order to preserve freshness for long periods of time, my team had some concerns about the environmental impact of the used bags on the environment. However, Café Britt had a couple of good programs put in place to promote both environmental and social sustainability. One program involves giving the unused coffee bags to a group of women who then make them into usable shopping bags and document folders. These in turn can be used to transport papers and other items throughout the company or be sold. When the bags are sold, all of the proceeds go to the women who made them. Another major focus of Café Britt is volunteering at organizations within the community and by hosting enviromnent education programs for children. For example, the employees are going to work at a sloth rescue center this weekend.

In my opinion, Café Britt is doing a good job of maintaining a sustainable business. By actively working to not only ensure their practices are environmentally friendly, but also educate the public about the importance of the environment, they are doing an excellent job of being socially and environmentally sustainable. Additionally, by hiring local women to work as a part of their recycling effort, they are promoting social and economic sustainability. Although I believe they have several successful sustainability programs, there are still ways that they could improve in this area. For example, even though they addressed recycling the unused coffee bags, they don’t have any way of recycling the bags that are used, which would pollute the environment. If they came up with a program to collect, clean, and recycle the used bags, they could further reduce their impact on the environment.

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