Sourcing Success

Tourist love Café Brit but most ticos don’t drink it. This is because they market very well in areas like airports and hotels, and they sell things as souvenirs. They use local artisans and well-informed designers that work for café brit to design the stores and products. Brit uses products from each country to make it personalized. The stores are mostly located in airports, so tourists will see the product on their way into and out of the country they are visiting. That is when people are most eager to buy souvenirs.

Café brit buys its beans raw from plantations. They roast the beans themselves, they are the manufacturers and distributors of their own product, and they sell some of their unroasted beans to other roasters, so Café Brit assumes the role of supplier, manufacturer and distributor. Café Brit is also largely in the tourism business.

They are different than Doka because they do not deal with the actual coffee plants. Doka grows coffee in its plantation, and they dry the beans. That is their primary role, but they do micro roasting, so that they can provide samples and sell their coffee to tourists. Doka is more concerned with selling its raw beans to roasters and producing productive coffee plants.

Then critically evaluate what Café Britt does that contributes to its financial success as it relates to your team’s topic (buy, make, sell, sustain, manage, logistics). Do you agree with their approach? What would you do differently?

Café Brit utilizes sourcing strategies to contribute to its financial success.  Café Brit sources its product from high quality growers. That is their number one priority. They look for a supplier that can keep up with the quality and quantity of their demand. They have professional coffee tasters on staff that taste coffee 8 hours a day to ensure that each batch is of the highest quality. In addition, in their stores, they pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their products. To make the designs authentic and attractive, they hire local artisans as well as cultured café brit designers. The work done by these people ensures that the packaging is appealing to customers in an airport. Even if they have never heard of Café Brit before, they will want to buy it because it looks authentic or it is a good memento of the country they just visited. The third way they use sourcing to contribute to success is in the origin of the coffee in the airport stores. In countries that grow their own plants, Brit roasts their beans to sell more local coffee in shops. This makes a nice souvenir. All three of these things contribute to their financial success.

I agree with this approach for the most part. The packaging material and store designs have a bigger emphasis on being flashy and having an authentic appearance than with using sustainable materials. The coffee bags are not recyclable. To remedy this, Brit makes tote bags out of the scraps, but that does not help with the waste caused by the bags that are sold.

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