Sustainable Fashion


Today I went to the largest private university in Europe, Università Cattolica Milano.  It was beautiful, and very different from the University of Pittsburgh, but refreshing to learn about.  They offer fantastic classes in Fashion, Italian language and culture, as well as business.  The lecture from Professor Rinaldi exceeded all my expectations and was everything I wanted and more.  She wrote an entire book about sustainability in fashion.  Sustainability is something that I really am passionate about and that’s probably the main reason I want to revitalize Pitt’s Hydroponics Club, and won best in a sustainablity conference for bio-engineering. She told us about an amazing opportunity to make a 20 slide sustainable business plan, and if you win you get a Gucci internship so you know I am going to apply.

Then we met with our amazing tour guide to go through the largest science museum in Italy.  The Leonardo Davinci parts of the museum were definitely the most interesting.  I had no idea how much of advanced science he actually integrated in his art.  My favorite part of the museum was the old Alpha Romeo, because I am a car geek and they were a cool car brand before partnering with an American car firm.  I think this proves I should’ve went on the Germany Plus3, but I believe everything happens for a reason, and if I were to get a Gucci internship that would be Gucci.  The featured image was of the best pizza I have ever had from the most authentic Italian restaurant.


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