Everything Hurts, But I’m Thriving

Today was a long and packed day in Milano. We rose early and left for a presentation at the Università Cattolica. The presentation took place at a building dedicated to international students on a branch campus super close to the main one. It stared with a brief information session about possibly studying abroad at the university, what you can study, how much it would cost, different types of programs, etc.

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Then the gears turned and the next segment began which focused much more on the fashion supply chain. The speaker talked about the process of the supply chain, explaining that it
starts years before releasing anything by picking out color schemes for the new collection. Next, sketches are made, prototypes are produced, decisions about what pieces are most marketable are made. Finally, the fashion show markets the new upcoming clothing in a fashion show typically which will make it to stores six months later. This part was definitely more target at the business students. That section of the day ended with a quick tour of the main campus of the university, and lunch at their version of Market. 2BF8524B-B93E-461D-A88C-9EAD2EC098E2.jpeg
The next part of the day was spent at a guided tour of the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Technologia Leonardo Di Vinci. This part of the day definitely was more geared towards the engineers in our group. It went through the many improvements and discoveries that Leonardo Di Vinci contributed to the world that has helped society today flourish as a whole. We saw different sketches and theories he has about anatomy, biology, astronomy, there was practically nothing this man did not understand. Also seen were early versions of trains, planes and automobiles. It was super interesting, but by the end of the day my feet and I were happy to rest.


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