200m East of La Catedral

Today we took a walking tour of San José, and had the opportunity to visit the national museum of Costa Rica and El museo de oro. We traveled to the city by train. One in which was built because of the growing need for transportation as the coffee and banana trade increased. The development of the coffee and banana industries brought people from all over to the city which eventually turned San José into a political center and historical landmark.

Although San José and Pittsburgh may seem to differ greatly, a similarity lies in how both cities came to be. San José developed as a direct result of the growing industries of coffee and bananas. The city formed primary to serve as center of production and trade and has evolved into a hub for business and commerce. Pittsburgh was also formed as a result of a major growing industry that we all know too well, Steel. When the steel industry began to form, so did the city of Pittsburgh. It has transformed from an industrial city into the business hub that it is today. Both cities have an immense amount of history, and play import roles in society today.

In the United States I would be completely lost if I didn’t have my GPS. I just enter a street address and I get specific directions on where to go. In San José that is practically impossible as Costa Ricans choose to use a different system based on meters and landmarks. (some of which may not even exist anymore) At first I thought that a lack of addresses would cause transportation concerns as businesses are trying to send and receive products. However, after discussing this further with my host mother, I came to realize that in reality this is not an issue for those that live within the country. This is a system that makes sense to them, and for Costa Ricans it works. Therefore, companies in San José are not greatly impacted by the lack of address, with the exception of companies that have a consumer base represented by tourists. Logistically lack of direction could potentially cause some concerns as it is more difficult for tourists to understand how to find the location of a business.

Overall, I think this system holds them back because of Costa Rica’s strong focus on Tourism. This a major source of economic income, and because of this it is important to take into consideration the ability of tourists to find their businesses without difficulties.



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