San Josè

The coffee and banana industry has greatly influenced San Josè. It has enabled their economy to grow and blossom into what it is today. They have been able to create competitive industries that are known world wide. It is also easy for San Josè to specialize in these industries because of the soil that the land provides. San Josè and Pittsburgh are slightly in common. For one they are both huge up incoming cities that have markets that the specialize in. For Pittsburgh it use to be more coal and steel. This industry has built Pittsburgh into the city that it is now. They also both have a ton of businesses that come out of the city.

The impact of not having street addresses is that Costa Ricans really need to know things about their country and city. People give directions based on land marks. If people don’t know the land marks they can get lost easily. It might seem like it makes things harder to find and more difficult to get around, but for Costa Ricans it is not. This is what they are use to. They have been doing it this way since they became a country. It is extremely simple for them. It is part of their culture. For tourist though, this can be confusing and more difficult. We are use to the way we have street addresses in our country. This might make it more difficult to mail things to Costa Rica, but for Costa Ricans they can do this simply. I believe the system works well for San Josè. Changing the system now would just make everything more confusing for them. It has clearly worked so there isn’t a point in changing it. I don’t think other countries should follow this way because I do believe it is more confusing. But if it done the right way it can be successful, as San Josè has shown.

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