5/9 Glass Egg and Street Food

Today we once again started off the day at UEF with a talk about rural development in the Mekong Delta. This talk highlighted some of the issues regarding development in this region. While urban areas in Vietnam have been undergoing rapid development, rural areas like the Mekong Delta have faced more challenges. One of the largest challenges in this area has been climate change. The Mekong Delta has the most agricultural production out of any area in the country. The area accounts for 90% of Vietnam’s rice export. Therefore climate change would have devastating effects on the region and the country as a whole. An interesting point regarding the barriers to addressing climate change was made in the presentation: The women found in her research that the farmers were more likely to view climate change as a result of god and fate than seeing the issue in terms of information and science gathered about climate change. This is a major barrier because the problem must be realized by everyone before it can be completely solved. After leaving UEF, we went to Glass Egg Digital media. This is a company that does 3D art for video games. Their specialty is cars and are most know for their work in the Forza series. They design 70% of the cars and 50% of the tracks for this series. The company gets all of its work by getting jobs through game developers. This provides some problems for the company because the future is unpredictable. They are always reliant on other companies to give them work. The COO of the company said that he can only ever see 6 to 8 months into the future for this company. Some challenges they face are related to the size of their client. When they work with smaller developers, they are usually given less help and information, which makes the design process go slower and makes it less exact. However when working with larger clients such as Microsoft, they receive information such as CAD files for the cars and detailed photos of the race tracks. The company also gains some advantages from being based in Vietnam. The cost of running a company in Vietnam is low and this lets the company make more money as clients usually only offer a set amount of money regardless of where the company they outsource to is located. This also allows Glass Egg to be competitive compared to similar companies abroad. However, the location does have drawbacks as Vietnam is isolated from their clients locations  and therefore the company will sometimes be overlooked. An interesting aspect of this company was how they hire. Most of their employees are Vietnamese and they are trained by the company. This has helped build the skill sets they need from employees in country and this also helps with the future success of the company. The COO also mentioned that the company has no problems dealing with the Vietnamese government. A way that Glass Egg has adapted the future is their increases in cyber security. Occasionally they will be tested by companies they do work for with a cyber attack. After finishing at Glass Egg and arriving at the hotel, I went for a walk around the city to try various Vietnamese foods. I started off by finding a great banh mi place. Next I had my first street food at this place that served a dessert called che and I got some with banana. This was fun as I got to experience the culture in a way I hadn’t before. I even got to sit on the little stools in the alleyway and watch the traffic go by while having my food. 



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