Glass Egg and Glass Windows

Day 3 flew by! I’m definitely starting to get in the groove here, having a relatively normal sleep schedule and adjusting to the regular background noise of beeping mopeds. This morning, we went back to UEF to have a lecture and language class. The lecture on rural development in the Mekong Delta was so engaging! Who knew that floating markets were an actual thing?! The language class… hard as ever but just the same number of smiles and laughter. Afterwards, we went to, so far, my favorite place to eat. I’m all about the aesthetics, and the place we went for lunch was incredible. Plants were hanging from the ceiling all around with a huge glass window overlooking the streets of Ho Chi Minh.The food was pretty good too 😉


After lunch, we went to our second site visit at Glass Egg. This video game development company had the most high-tech gear I’ve seen yet in Vietnam with insanely detailed digital media. We were given a tour by the COO of the company, a French man that spoke English very well (something I’m learning to appreciate after constantly deciphering the different accents and versions of English the Vietnamese know). Glass Egg’s operations were very stable with nowhere to go but projected growth. However, with growth always comes more challenges. Glass Egg has to deal with isolation. As it is one of few major businesses in its area of the world, it’s not as attractive to clients to travel to and invest in, considering other places are more convenient location-wise. They also have to overcome the stereotype put upon it as a poor, undeveloped country, especially by unknowing Americans. Its face to draw attention to itself. Glass Egg almost has to do it completely through their products, not location benefits.


Even though it faces these challenges being in Vietnam, choosing it to base out of provides more benefit that overrules the disadvantages. Because of the location and economy, Vietnamese provide very cheap labor that can help Glass Egg keep its prices down, drawing clients in. The company itself trains their employees, and because none of them are professionals, the Vietnamese remain loyal employees of the company.

Glass Egg is only looking to expand, going more worldwide and offer new technologies. They were even thinking of opening an office in Vancouver for location convenience and employee expertise.

Overall, day 3 was fantastic, giving me even more of what Vietnam really is.

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