9 May 2018 – I Love This Company

Russell and I got up after three alarms at 7:50.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get out of bed but it isnt a big deal because we always do eventually.  Breakfast was the same except I didnt have any coffee.  Today we took the bus to Mantero Textiles, which manufactures silk and other luxury fabric for designer clothing brands.  The factory was really cool and I liked looking at the machines and the fabric patterns.  I bought a blue and while bow tie in the outlet store because i like bow ties and it was very inexpensive.

After Mantero we went to lake como, which is one of the most famous lakes in the world.  we mostly explored the town but we also got a tour on the lake.  the town is very similar to the town of cefalu on the northern coast of sicily where i have been traveling since i was a small child, except como is a lot cleaner and the stores are nicer.  the lake tour was very cool.  it lasted about an hour and started in the southernmost part of the lake where the city is.  the boat took us to george clooney’s house before turning around.  on the way back it began to rain which was cool because it made the trip more intense.  i think the best way to view the area is on the lake so we had the best experience we could have had.

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