Funghi Town

Today marked our fourth day in Italy, where we visited the town of Como and the neighboring lake.

I started the day off with a capuccino like a true Italian.  I’ve never drank coffee before, but the hotel barista makes a tasty one.  Then, I slept on the bus ride and awoke at a luxury silk factory.  Here, the silk is made into various items such as scarves, ties, and handkerchiefs, which we had the opportunity to purchase.  The factory also had an extensive archive of the entire company’s fashion history.  The archives included every collection the company has ever produced, as well as textile design books that date all the way back to the 1890’s.  Our tour guide, Jocasta Nu, was incredibly knowledgeable, and mentioned that no items exist that are not in the archives.

Next, we took a short ride over to the town of Como.  Como has one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  Before going on the lake, we toured the city and saw another beautiful Duomo.  When we got on the boat, however, the weather turned nasty and we got rained on, so unfortunately the day trip had to be cut short.  I still had an amazing time, and would love to go back.

For lunch today, I had a pizza with Funghi on it, which is the Italian word for mushrooms, hence the title of the post.

One thing I learned about Italian culture is that the Duomo in Como has two statues of people that were pagan, however their likenesses were permitted to be on the cathedral because of their significance to the town of Como.

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