A Pizza a Day Keeps the Abs Away

Today was very early morning for the Plus3 Italy gang. We met in the lobby at 8:30 am and were off to Como. Before we traveled to the lake, we made a stop at Mantero Seta Spa, a fabric manufacturer, to get insight on the beginning stages of the fashion supply chain. This visit was so amazing. We looked at different samples of fabrics kept throughout the years in books for inspiration and reference, and got to see how these fabrics were produced. We even had the privilege to see some fabrics for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Kenzo being manufactured 6 to 12 months before being marketed to the public. Everything was so beautiful and intricate, it really made me excited for the rest of the on site business tours.

Next we went to the main hub of the beautiful city of Como. We got pizza (as I do every single day here) and then embarked on a walking tour of the city. We saw another beautiful cathedral, also called the Duomo, or home of God, of the city. Statues of famous saints and religious figures were sculpted along the façade of the cathedral, which had to make one of the most gorgeous pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen.

Lastly, we went on a boat tour of The Lake of Como. The lake and it’s surroundings are breath taking. I hope one day I can afford one of the beautiful houses by the lake. The many stunning houses piled upon the mountains on the perimeter of the lake, really giving the Italian feel to the town. We even saw were the famous John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were married, and where George Clooney owns a house. I’ve never felt more envious in my life to be honest. This is was by far the best day I have had in Italy. I hope I have many more like this one!F3939295-CC74-4917-AC35-53E746256224.jpeg

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