Day 2: Scavenger Hunt

The first thing we did on Day 2 was meet the German students at the University of Augsburg. We met our groups that we will be working with on our assigned company and gave a short introductory presentation on basic information on our company. The German students are very outgoing and very intelligent, and their University is very rural and modern. We then went on a scavenger hunt throughout the city of Augsburg where we had to ask citizens of Augsburg some of the questions in an attempt to break the cultural barrier between us. We went to many interesting places including many huge and ornate churches that held crypts, which I thought were very cool. We also went to a brewery where we were given a tasting of each kind of beer they brew there (nonalcoholic of course). A big thing in Germany are “beer gardens” (pictured below) where you sit in an outside area, usually with many trees for shade, and can bring your own food and drink beer from the brewery

. The whole vibe I’ve noticed Germany that I don’t necessarily see in America is an emphasis on just relaxing with friends and not stressing about the time or work. Its very refreshing to see and I wish we had more of that kind of mindset in America.

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