Day 2: University Tour & Scavenger Hunt

Today we left the hotel early and took the tram to the University of Augsburg.  We met with our groups that included the German students for the first time and had an hour and a half to create our presentation.  Our presentation went well and it was great to get to know Jan, Felix, and Marius, the German students in our group.  We worked well together and I am excited to work more with them in the future on our longer presentation.  The presentation also made me eager to visit Continental to see the technology we researched first hand.  We then ate lunch in the dining hall on campus, which was called the Mensa and was far better than Pitt’s dining halls.  We were given passes to get as much food as we wanted and they had several different stations with different options at each, and even offered outdoor seating.  Next came a tour of the university.  The campus was suburban, had loads of green space, and a huge area for recreational sports.  The campus buildings were much more spread out in comparison to the University of Pittsburgh as they are further from downtown.

We returned to Augsburg’s City Center by tram and we participated in a scavenger hunt.  We were split into 2 groups and given packets that contained questions that we had to answer.  The scavenger hunt required us to travel all over the city and take note of historical sites and landmarks in order to answer the questions in the packet. It was a great way to see more of the city and interact with the people of Augsburg in order to get clues and answers to the questions.  The scavenger hunt concluded at a historical Biergarten where my team won the hunt and got a candy prize.  At the Biergarten, we were able to sample 3 different types of German beer, all non-alcoholic, which was pretty refreshing after a long day in the sun.  The day ended with a dinner at an Italian restaurant.  The pizza was incredible and I really enjoyed the dinner and the day as a whole!

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