Why I Brought My Boating License

Today was by far my favorite day on this trip.  We went on a day trip and it is easily tied with Venice for my favorite city in Italy, and I think that’s impressive because I have been to 10 Italian cities now.  It is so beautiful, and the company we visited was really unique and interesting, because they design a lot original designs used for major Italian Luxury brands like Gucci, LV, and Channel.  Plus I they have  an interesting industrial software called Color Kitchen which allows them to have an exuberant amount of colors.  They might have been annoyed with my amount of questions, because I asked about 25, but it was really fascinating to me and I never thought about how complex and interesting fashion really is until I came on this trip.


Then we went to the closest thing I can relate in Italy to my island, because of the wonderful experience I had on the boat as you can see in my featured image.  We went on a tour of Como where we saw a cathedral that successful integrated 3 different types of architecture.  After that we went a boat cruise to see George Clooney’s Villa and being on that boat took all my anxiety about being a country where I know almost none of the language.  I brought my boating license to Italy to ensure in case of emergency I could be a stand in captain, but luckily I did not have to utilize my experience of driving aquatic motor vehicles and could take in the countless beautiful and extremely valuable villas from the shore to the top of the mountain range for miles and miles.   A lake is my favorite place in the world, and I can say Lake Como is my favorite lake outside of one in remote Northern Canada in which I have a strong personal connection to. Homesick for Pittsburgh and my dog Casey, but I saw a miniature Italian version of him and it made me really happy.  Our guide of Italy Luca said I am a fast learner when it comes to talking with my hands, so if I could overcome my suspected hereditary dyslexia of romantic languages then I think I could stay at Lake Como forever and eat the delicious food with a priceless view.


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