Day Three: Tôi là sinh viên

Well, to start it off I’ll call myself out and say that my title has nothing to do with this post at all. It translates to “I am a student,” which we learned in class today. And due to a mixture of me being proud of being able to say one whole sentence in Vietnamese and my lack of creative titles I decided to go with it. Let’s hope that in another week I’ll be able to say more, but so far the future isn’t looking too bright…

Today we visited Glass Egg; they are a digital company that creates various aspects of video games. Even though I am not big on video games, it was amazing to see the work they could do. Their main product is cars, but I was most amazed by the accuracy of their figures. I would have just thought the images were photographs if I was not told that they were the actual characters that they end up creating. The artistic talent that people have amazes me.

Glass Egg contracts with both large and small companies some of their most impressive clients include Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony. These top clients make intellectual safety imperative and can pose to be a challenge. Often they experience hackers, and because of this they constantly have to upgrade their security. They even take precautions inside the organization, there are numerous cameras, no employee can send emails with attachments, and even the USB jack is disabled on all work computers. Without these precautions, their systems could get hacked, and large companies are not interested in working with those who are easily hacked. Even though this is a challenge for all IT companies, Glass Egg does experience problems that result from being located in Vietnam. Many times Glass Egg isn’t even looked at as an option because they are isolated from all other graphic gaming developers. So for example companies may not want to make a plane ride to visit only Glass Egg in Vietnam when they could go to countries such as China and visit a whole bunch of companies in just one visit. However, Vietnam does also prove to be beneficial. They can pay their workers a smaller salary compared to what they would need to pay if located in the United States. And since most of their costs are primarily fixed, the cost of production relies heavily on salary. By paying lower salaries they can have less cost of their production compared to a company headed in the United States, this gives other companies incentives to pay them to do their work rather than have their company do the graphic work instead. Even though Glass Egg has considered opening buildings in other companies, due to the cost of salary they are currently only considering opening another location in northern Vietnam.

On another note, I’ve decided to close my blog posts with the craziest thing I’ve seen carried on a motor bike during the day. Todays not that crazy, just pretty cute and a little scary if you think about the safety but at the same time, you have to put it all in perspective and think that they’re just doing the best they can…



P.S. Tonight the students took us out at night to a zoo…. a zoo of cockroaches. Both big and small but all super speedy. No worries though they were super friendly and I was even lucky enough to have one crawl right on my foot! Got to do a super cool dance though to get it off! What a fun night!!! I’ll close off with a fun cockroach fact: It’s true that they never die, I saw first hand a man step on one, us cheer in excitement, and then one minute later it popped up back to life!!!

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