Day 4 Croke and Craic

Howdy stranger! Today I had the pleasure to tour the historic Croke Park. I learned a great deal about not only the sports of Gaelic football and hurling but also the history of Ireland and how the park operates. The park hold over 80,000 people and is deeply rooted in Irish history and national identity.  I had no idea that Bloody Sunday occurred at this stadium until today.

In terms of the Irish national identity, it is obvious that all the Irish have great pride in their nation.  We can see this in every tour we’ve been on.  They all clearly love their history and independence from England.  Silvia during the first walking tour was so passionate about the history of Irish independence and we can also see this today at Croke Park when Ian described the stadium as like the Roman Coliseum. The level of intensity is something they would die for I think because they love their independence and they love being free from rule. The Irish tie this pride into sports, street names, and many aspects both physical and emotional.  I identify myself as an older brother.  I’ve had the pleasure to look after, teach and befriend my brother through the years.  Also I identify as a Pitt student and take great pride in being part of such a prestigious institution.  Furthermore, I’m proud to be from the U.S. This is a great country and like the Irish I love how we were built on independence.IMG_8031

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