Day 4: Stoked for Croke (and national identity but that doesn’t rhyme)

Oi mates,

Another day, another adventure. A quick mention has to go to Croke Park and its staff: incredible history with the perfect syndicate of workers to do it justice. Big thanks to Ian (not Kane) and the rest of staff for their time.

As far a national identity goes, I think Ireland’s is one with depth and grace. Largely, I can group these characteristics into three main categories: Ambiguity, Pride, and Tradition. From everything I’ve seen since being in Dublin, these couldn’t be more true. To see all of our your guides as well as the citizens seamlessly adapt it something I admire greatly. Doing so may make them seem like they can be pushed around, but their sense of resolve in terms if their pride and tradition shows otherwise. To see stadiums built solely for their national sports of Hurling and Gaelic Football is something done out of passion.

As far as my identity, I feel like there are a few character traits that stand out. Perhaps expectedly, I think this have evolved over time. As of now, I think one stands out: being an advocate for the organ donation community. As someone who is alive today due to the generosity of someone donating me a kidney, this is paramount. So many people aren’t organ donors, while numerous people die each day from waiting for a transplant. Become an organ donor, guys and gals. Love your kidneys. Outside of that, I think that being a musician is central to my identity. I’ve played drums for the past 11 years and guitar for the past 5. Want me to get all sappy? Yeah? Music is my escape. Okay yeah thats definitely too sappy. One more thing is humor/comedy. Whether me or someone else, I love the concept of making people laugh being a profession. You might’ve noticed I’ve made some ill advised jokes that make you question my sanity… well thats deliberate! I do love to entertain. I guess in general, its more that I love knowing that creativity has a spot in the professional spectrum.





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