Day 4: Wait a minute, who are you?

It’s been another crazy day in Ireland. After waking up bright and early, I slept-walked my way over to breakfast and was forced to not eat an omelette for breakfast (First world problems, I know). After eating breakfast (another side not: ate white pudding, it’s very underwhelming), we made our way  to Croke Park, the national stadium of Ireland, and made a pit stop along the way at the Garden of Remembrance, a memorial to recognize the people who died fighting for Irish independence. The garden was beautiful and the statue was a very nice tribute.ValentaC05

After this pit stop, we arrived at Croke Park where we watched a video detailing Croke Park and the atmosphere inside the stadium, met with executives of operations for the stadium, and went on a walking tour of the stadium. We saw the everything from the locker room, to the field (also called a pitch), and a seat in the stadium. As a sports fan myself, it was very cool to be in a stadium that big and get an insider look in how the stadium operates.


Later in the day, we had class and discussed identity. And we asked, how do the Irish identify themselves and how do I identify myself. After today’s events and my overall past 4 days in Dublin, I see a few things that the Irish identify with. The first being that they are very family-oriented. Many companies in Ireland are very proud of their family history and that shows in their businesses using family names such as Guinness and Pearse Lyons Whiskey Distillery. They are also very well-versed in their history and all of Ireland’s history in general. The last and most important identity that Irish people have is pride. They are very proud of where they are from and they let you know that by telling you their history and wearing their city’s colors.

As far as I go, I identify as a son, a brother, a Pittsburgher, an American, an avid sports fan, and a finance major. I believe that I identify most strongly with anything family related and being a Pittsburgher because I am very family-oriented and I love Pittsburgh. While there are many more identities that I probably identify with these are definitely all the identities that I feel very strongly about.

P.S. No, thank you for a great day Liz!


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