Ireland Day 4

We have now spent four full days in Ireland! Through my observations so far, there have been several different items that comprise Irish national identity. One of the big things that I have seen so far from touring various businesses is that most people here are type A-, as stated by our tour guide. By type A-, I mean people that are smart and driven yet have the ability to have personal and witty conversations. The people of Ireland also seem to be intensely passionate about their nationality, sports, and their “island” of a country. I have heard people here identify themselves as Irish frequently and definitely take pride in the fact that they are Irish. I also found it interesting how many people here in Dublin refer to Ireland as an island. In America we really do not do either of these things but Ireland is definitely much smaller than the United States which makes for more national identity in my opinion.

croke stadiumToday we visited Croke Park which is a stadium here where hurling and Gaelic soccer are played. After being in this stadium, it is evident that the Irish take a lot of pride in their sports! There is a different team for each area of Ireland, equaling about 93 teams if I recall, and wherever you are from that is the team you cheer for (regardless of it they’re good or not). The fact that citizens cheer for the team where they are originally from with no questions asked proves even further how much national identity Ireland really does have.

As for me, I am a sister, daughter, animal lover, volleyball player, Pitt student, and friend. As a daughter, sister, and animal lover, I intensify this identity by spending time with my family frequently. This is one of the most intense identities that I have and I take great pride in the members of my family. I also identify as a volleyball player by being a member of the Pitt Women’s Club Volleyball team! Attending Pitt classes and hanging out with friends that I have met through my college experience allow for me to identify as a friend as well as a Pitt student.

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