Day Four

Today, we traveled to Lake Como. We visited the fashion company Mantero. Mantero prints and designs fabrics for companies like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. They also have their own fashion line.

During our tour, we learned about how the designs are created, printed, and sent off to the companies that purchase them. We also got to see some old vintage designs. The most interesting part of the tour was being able to see the Louis Vuitton and Chanel logos printed onto fabric! All of the printed designs we saw weren’t even going to be in the stores for 6-12 months. After the tour, we got to shop at the Mantero outlet.

Next, we arrived at Lake Como. We had a typical Italian lunch at a pizzeria. Then, we had a walking tour around the town of Como. It was interesting to learn about the history of Como! We saw the duomo and many other beautiful buildings.

The last thing to do in Como was a boat tour. It started with a great view of many different houses on the lake, but then it started to downpour and thunderstorm! We all tried to avoid getting soaked and ran to the bus. Finally, we ended our day by heading back to Milan.

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