Day 4: Let me see your ID

Today’s main event in Dublin was visiting Croke Park, the Gaelic Athletic Association’s National Stadium.  It holds around 82,000 people and is one of the largest sporting venues in all of Europe.  What’s even more interesting is, the GAA players are amateurs, and do not get paid to play.  Some players are school teachers, and they end up playing in front of thousands.  This Irish tradition is like nothing we have in America, and it represents the Irish people’s identity.

This got me thinking about what that identity means for us, in America.  People say that baseball is America’s Pastime, but does it really stand for the identity of the country the way the Gaelic Games do? The answer to me, is no.  It made me sad at first to think about the fact that America really doesn’t have an ID like the Irish do.  No single thing to bring us all together.  But then I remembered that Ireland is nothing like America.  America is great because we are a mix of all cultures, all people, from all places.  We took the best of everybody, those who left their different countries with guts and a dream, and put them in the same place.  Our IDENTITY is DIVERSITY.  That is what I identify with here in America, and I’m content with that.

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