Food Como

Today seemed as if it was a fantasy. Breakfast was the typical croissant and cappuccino and practicing our Italian with the barista. Then came the first site visit of the trip and to sum it all up it exceeding my expectations and set the bar incredibly high for future sites. When I arrived at Mantero Silk Company I was in complete awe. Everywhere I looked was a new exclusive design. The tour started off at an area full of thousands and thousands of scarves and fabrics. There were even 50 year old Louis Vuitton trunks in the corner of the room which I can easily say are worth more than I am. I was blown away by the high end brands that hung in that room. Versace, Fendi, Chanel, you name it and it was there.

After looking through old designs, we went to the factory where all the magic happens. They showed us the dyes and techniques used to print the amazing designs onto silk. What was most amazing was the exclusivity of the designs. We were privileged enough to see a Louis Vuitton exclusive design being printed that hasn’t been released yet. Then, we went to the outlet of Mantero and I was able to get a silk scrunchy and gifts for friends.

Later, we headed to Como. This place exceeded my expectations. The water was beautiful and the mountains were exquisite. We had the most amazing pizza for lunch and took a walking tour of the area. So much history surrounding the area. Then came the boat tour. Versece’s hour, George Clooney’s house, I saw it all. The area was beautiful and the houses were stunning. The night ended with a great, long dinner with friends. Easily one of my favorite days so far.

Florence here we come!COMO

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