Giorno Quattro

Today we went on a site visit to a textile company. We saw the entire process of how textiles are designed and produced. They start with creating the designs. We were shown a room of thousands of designs and a whole library of books filled with different designs. We then went down to then factory floor where they printed the designs onto very large pieces of fabric. The prints were going to go to big names like Gucci and Versace.

After the site visit we drove to lake Como where we had lunch. Since it was a group lunch we could only order pizza. I ordered the Margherita pizza, which was quite delicious. We then took a walking tour of the town of Como. We learned a little bit about the history and culture of the town.

Then we went got on a boat to go onto the lake. It was full of beautiful views and many photo opportunities. It did rain a bit, but I think the clouds on the mountains made the scenery better. We also got to see George Clooney’s amazing vacation home. Despite trying to shout loud enough to see if he was home, he did not come out. Otherwise, it was a great experience. I probably won’t see a more scenic view in my life.

It was a great day!IMG_0955.jpgIMG_1029.jpg

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