Whose Mans

I think to myself a lot about the big questions in the world like if I travelled in an airplane west covering each time zone in an hour would I always live in the same time, do we all see colors the same, and most importantly what comprises the Irish national identity? Well I only have time to answer one today, so lets discuss colors.  I’m just joshing you.

Of the elements of Irish national identity, the one that stands out the most is pride.  They are proud of their accomplishments, of having Croke park, of having the multinationals choose them over other countries in Europe, and of breaking the rules after being ruled by England for so long.  What really stood out to me is Darren’s explanation of why the multinationals chose Ireland being the quality of the people.  He explained what is most likely the common Irish view that the Irish citizens are creative and deal with uncertainty well.  This clearly has an effect on national identity.  The feel they are a small little island yet they have extremely desired workers.

Additionally, during our tour today the tour guide presented a view of national identity as having a common grounding in tradition and sports and all coming together around these.

As for my own identity I feel I most strongly identify with being from Pittsburgh and all that that means (hence the tattoo).  Another thing that I strongly identify with is being a swimmer since I basically have always been one. I still identify but feel less intensely about being a business student who is passionate about technology and innovation.

I look forward to learning more about Irish national identity during the rest of the trip xoxo and see yinz later.

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