Rain can’t ruin Como

Today we enjoyed a day at Lake Como. The view of the lake was amazing with the mountains surrounding it. During our free time we enjoyed views of the lake from the shore and walked around the city a little and watched a turtle try to climb on a stick. On our tour of the city we saw the  Cathedral  of Como and learned that it took 3 and a half centuries to build and how that effected the style of the building because of the different styles of builders who worked on it. After the tour of the city we got to my favorite part of our visit to Como when we got a boat tour of the lake. The boat tour took us away from the city and towards many of the villas on the lake. A few minutes after we left on the boat tour it started to rain which caused many people to move inside the boat but me and some of the other people on the trip stayed outside on the boat to continue to enjoy the lake. Even through the rain the lake was beautiful and we enjoyed being able to see the lake and the surrounding mountains by boat.

Earlier in the day we also went to visit a silk manufacturing company which showed us how silk fabrics are designed and produced. I thought it was cool how all the fabrics are printed with the different screens for each color. Also in the tour of the factory we went into one of the rooms and we found a big book on the wall (book 34) but we didn’t take it out cause we thought we weren’t supposed to touch it. The factory tour made me realize how much work goes into printing fabrics.

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