05/10/18: I’m Lovin’ it

Today was interesting because we got to witness firsthand some of the effects that the United States has had on Vietnam. This was most clearly demonstrated in today’s lunch at McDonald’s. Although this might not seem like the most glamorous place to partake in a meal, I believe there was great value in such a trip. The presence of so many American brands, like McDonald’s, here in Vietnam was initially somewhat surprising to me. It is somewhat difficult to understand why the Vietnamese who havw delicious native cuisine such as Pho would be interested in American fast food like Pizza Hut and Popeye’s Chicken. The concept also extends beyond just food as the fashion industry may also be included here. The presence of American things in Vietnam is an example of globalization demonstrating that the world is more connected than ever with brands from one country being well known and revered by the youth of another country; Such is the case with H&M and the Vietnamese students. Although these products may be here in Vietnam and may be the same or very similar to those that exist in the US the expense of purchasing it here for the average person is often much greater. I personally found it interesting that these brands are so popular halfway around the world from where they originated and am curious as to why they are such a sensation. Does it have to do with the fact that these things come from America? Do the people here truly believe that the products are worth the prices? Is this the work on clever marketing accomplished by Western giant companies? Overall, I find these effects of globalization to be very interesting and am thoroughly impressed that a Big Mac tastes the same despite being halfway around the world.

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