Florence, we have arrived!

We arrived in Florence today! We took a nice coach bus to travel to the city. I was very tired so I slept most of the trip until we stopped at a rest stop for lunch. You would think that rest stop food would be awful but honestly it was good and fresh! I had a tuna salad and a cup of fresh fruit and it wasn’t too bad! After lunch we continued our trip from Milan. I slept a little more, but when I woke up, the views were amazing. It was very mountainous and green and so clean and beautiful.

We got to our hotel and it is the cutest place! This time, Clare and I are rooming with Maggie and Shelby so now we have a four person room. It is very vintage and authentic to Italian culture and really makes me feel in place here. The town is super super vintage and very cool. It has cobble stone streets, beautiful churches, and many many boutiques along the streets. It is exactly how I pictured Italy to be!

We went to the Uffizi Gallery to see some of the original art from all different era’s. One thing that amazed me is that some of the painting were painted on wood and not canvases. It was cool to see some of the original paintings and structures that are famous to the world. After the art gallery, we went to a group dinner at a small Italian restaurant and it was very good! We had meats, fries, and pasta with meat sauce. Tomorrow, we are going to the Italian leather school and I am very excited



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