Day 5: 5 values for 5 days

Day 5 is in the books, and again it was a beautiful day in Dublin! There was a little scattered rain but for the most part it was sunny! All together, we have been so fortunate to have nice weather!

Today, we had class followed by grabbing lunch and having a guest speaker from Talent Hub. She spoke to us about the important aspects behind make a good first impression to increase your chances of being hired.

My 5 strengths in order are: futuristic, discipline, focus, harmony, and analytical. Within the past few days here, I have been able to use some of my strengths in some activities. Being futuristic may not be a big influencer on this trip, but this adventure has allowed me to become very excited about the future and the idea of coming back with my family to show them what I have been able to experience here. Being a disciplined person is helpful because I am very focused on following the rules of where to be and when to be there. Focus has allowed me to listen to the guest lectures in an engaging manner and ask questions that pertain to their presentation. Harmony has made me be peaceful and laid back about the different types of change we are experiencing while being here. Dublin is very similar to Pittsburgh, but there are some slight differences that make it difficult to do simple tasks, such as crossing the street or paying for food. Finally, being analytical has allowed me to use my knowledge to think through some problems and find a reasonable way to go about it. For example, I planned our group tour to the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery so one person could purchase a group rate ticket and allow everyone to be on the same tour. Overall, I have been able to use my five strengths everyday while in Dublin.

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