Florence: Day 1

Another day, another adventure! My day started off a little rocky when I woke up ten minutes before meeting time and I ran to pack all my things for check out. Luckily, I made it on time and got to have a croissant. The bus ride to Florence was perfect for some alone time to sleep. I fell asleep so quickly then woke up at a stop for lunch. The lunch place was a little sketchy but I got some pasta and a delicious fruit salad. Also, I got the biggest glass of water I could find.

We arrived in Florence and it was breathtaking. This is exactly what I expected Italy to be like. Every building was colorful and historical and the city was surrounded by mountains. Our hotel is amazing. Picture a real authentic, cute Italian room and that’s whats our rooms look like. The ceilings are an old wood and the room is full over antique mirrors. Right away we went straight into the city to the Ufizzi Museum. This museum was amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of paintings from As early as the 1300’s hung on the walls. Each painting amazed me. We saw notorious paintings like The Birth of Venus and the statue of David.

After the museum was the group dinner. We had an amazing pasta for the first course and some meat after. We all had to unbutton our pants from how full we were. All in all it was a great day full of art and culture. It was the perfect introduction to the amazing city of Florence!Florence pic

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