Day 5: Strengths in Ireland

It is nice to revisit my top 5 themes from the gallup strengthsfinders test to see how I’ve been using them during my time in Ireland! My top theme is intellection, the ability to be very introspective and hold/value intellectual conversations. I think this program has been great for the utilization of this strength! I am constantly learning from professionals from the Dublin area and absorbing all that they say. Lately, after hearing Darren’s interpretation of Irishness and why they are such an attractive workforce, I have been evaluating how I might be able to fit in in their work environment and learn from the people I meet on this trip. I think that the strengths of the Irish’s work culture, adaptability and the balance of being professional and personable, are two areas that I could definitely improve on for my future career. I love to hear the conversations that arise from our site visits and even chime in every once in a while to ask a question.

My second most prominent theme, individualization, has manifested itself in a unique way in this program as well. Smaller “cliques” and groups have emerged among the 20 of us on this trip and it has been really interesting to get a handle on everyone’s personalities and interests. I have personally found myself traveling to different unique places in Dublin with different crowds, depending on how I think each individual will react in each place. I think that this strength has also helped me to tailor the types of questions I have for the professionals we meet on our site visits and helped me to communicate with locals.

Input is my third most prominent theme. I am naturally inquisitive and enjoy collecting and archiving information. I think this is a big part of what lead me to study abroad again on this unique trip. With every site visit, I am working on creating a bigger picture of Dublin and the different aspects of Irish culture. The nature of this trip has lended itself greatly to this theme as we are given a wide portfolio of different site visits! I love to investigate the different industries we observe and collect my own thoughts and opinions on each one. I am actively trying new things outside of the classroom as well from different foods, listening to different types of music, going to different kinds of bars and restaurants, museums, and exploring different neighborhoods.

Being deliberative has helped me to schedule my time in Ireland. I think I have put a great deal of time and energy into planning my time in Ireland to make sure I am making the most of my two weeks here. I have been very selective and careful in the things I do and the places I go but at the same time I have chosen to leave a lot of it up in the air. I have my list of go-to’s and trust that for the rest of the time, I will end up in the right place!

Lastly, I am a relator. I am so happy with the new friendships I have made since my time in Ireland and I am looking forward to spending time with Irish people too!Overall, I think my skills work really well in a study abroad environment. I love to learn from others and getting to understand other people and build genuine relationships with them. Especially in a culture as relational as Ireland, I think that being a relator will help me to build strong relationships with my Irish peers and future coworkers.

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