On the Road Again: Florence Edition

Today we said ciao to Milan, and hello to Florence! We met down at the lobby at 9:30 and embarked on a 4+ hour journey by bus to the city. The bus was not as bad as an experience as I thought it’d be since the seats were comfy and plentiful, there were outlets for chargers in each row, and everyone was soundly asleep on the way. Once arriving in Florence, we checked into our hotel, Il Guelfo Bianco, and had to quickly change. The rooms are beautiful, each one artfully decorated differently with pretty views of the city.
However, we didn’t have much time to admire the living space before we took off for the Uffizi Gallery, a museum filled with art from the renaissance era in Italy. On the way, I could already tell that Florence seemed like a much more packed, touristy city than Milan. We had to walk through busy squares to reach the destination, and on the way passed the Cattedrale Di Santa Maria del Fiore, also referred to as the Duomo of Florence. It was truly as stunning piece of architecture, with the green and white marble intertwining so perfectly to make a huge, elegant looking cathedral.
When we reached the Uffizi Gallery, we split into two different groups and began our in depth tour of the building. This museum is one of the most visited in the word, with over one thousand priceless paintings from the Italian Renaissance. The guide explained that this was a time of flourishing art and culture, as the Midici family who openly supported and funded the arts, reigned for more than three centuries. In the museum we saw amazing paintings from iconic artists of the time like Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rafaello. It is such an insane feeling to see these familiar pieces that have been pictured in books and websites in front of you. The pieces were so beautiful, and most depict religious or historical events. We even got a look at the octagonal office of Francesco Medici called the Tribuna. It was unreal.
Lastly, we had a hearty dinner to finish the day off. I cannot wait to see what being in Florence brings!

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